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Nicaragua’s capital city is Managua. It is also Nicaragua’s largest city. The city has almost 1,800,000 people, mostly mestizos and whites, making it Central America’s second most populated city after Guatemala City.

Because of its location between the rival cities of León and Granada, Managua was chosen as the nation’s capital as a reasonable and ideal compromise. The economy of Managua is primarily focused on trade. Nicaragua’s main trading centre for coffee, cotton, and other crops lies in this city. It is also a significant industrial hub. Beer, coffee, matches, textiles, and shoes are among its most popular trade items.

This city witnessedthe rise and fall of government forces and deadly earthquakes throughout Nicaragua’s history in 1931 and 1972. Managua is Nicaragua’s economic, political, cultural, commercial, and industrial capital. On the outskirts of Managua, residential and business developments have been created since the 1972 earthquake. Managua’s are the residents of the city and the department of Managua.

San Juan del Sur is a tiny town in Nicaragua that is mostly a tourist destination. Everything is located within walking distance, and the touristic ambience makes travel quite safe and convenient. Unfortunately, almost everyone speaks English, and the marketed currency is the US dollar.

Food, drinks, and lodging are all very reasonably priced and appeal to western culture. Every weekend, an event dubbed Sunday Funday San Juan del Sur attracts hundreds of visitors eager to engage in one of the world’s best parties! However, in addition to the party atmosphere, there is a surprising amount of relaxation in the town.

There is much to do in San Juan del Sur. Surfing, drinking, and relaxing are just a few of the activities available. But, really, what’s the big deal about that? If you’re trying to get away from the chaos that most Central American cities have to offer, San Juan del Sur could be the spot for you.

But if you need to go a step further, we’ve got you covered as well! We’ve compiled this fantastic list of the greatest things to do in San Juan del Sur, which includes some activities you’ve probably never heard of or thought were possible in this small coastal town!

However, first and foremost, you must go there.

Transport from Managua to San Juan del Sur

There are various options to transport from Managua to San Juan del Sur, 160 kilometres away. Residencial Malibu wants to make sure you’re aware of your transportation alternatives in San Juan del Sur so you may choose the best option for you.

Private Shuttles: 2h 30min

Private shuttles are ideal for groups of more than three persons and families visiting San Juan del Sur. The vast vehicles are clean and comfortable. The drivers can assist you with your stuff and transfer you safely from San Juan del Sur to the city. There are some private shuttle companies to select from, and Residencial Malibu will gladly help you make a reservation with the one that best suits your needs.

Driver For Hire: 2h

Private drivers are ideal for groups of three or less who are each carrying only small luggage. The drivers will pick you up from the airport in a passenger vehicle at your specified arrival time and wait for you with your name on a sign to help you navigate through the crowds of people waiting after customs. If you’re going with heavy luggage, such as surfboards, private drivers can provide roof racks. Mango Rosa has connections with the best private drivers and will help you arrange for your driver to pick you at the airport when you arrive.

Transport Managua to San Juan del Sur in a Rental Car: 2h

There are numerous vehicle rental firms in Managua. Choose the navigation upgrade or download your route from Google Maps to your phone to ensure you don’t miss any turns.

Taxi From Managua to San Juan del Sur: 2h

You may take a regular cab right from the airport to San Juan del Sur if you’re feeling adventurous. Taxis, on the other hand, are readily available as soon as you exit the Managua airport. If your Spanish isn’t up to standard, bring a translator and some tolerance. The cost of a one-way taxi fare is typically around $100. The journey will take about two hours.

The Local Bus: 3h

Nicaragua has a thing we call the Chicken Bus for the truly daring. These antique school buses travel around Nicaragua on various routes. Take a taxi straight to the Central Market Bus Station in Rivas and transfer to San Juan del Sur from Rivas. You will be dropped off in San Juan del Sur’s heart.

Because the distance between Managua and San Juan del Sur is 82 miles, taking the bus is the most convenient and cost-effective option. A three-hour journey separates these two locations. The average cost of a ticket is $4. There are no transfers on the route from Managua to San Juan del Sur. One of the most significant providers on this route to San Juan del Sur is Buses Pblicos Nicaragua.

Whether you want luxury or value, Residencial Malibu will help you find a transportation option from Managua to San Juan del Sur that meets your requirements.

In San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, there are a plethora of enjoyable activities to engage in.

At San Juan del Sur Beach, watch the sunset.

In San Juan del Sur, this may not appear to be a fun activity, but believe me when We say it is! San Juan del Sur’s sunsets were among the most breathtaking we’ve ever seen! Watch the sundown at San Juan del Sur Beach, the town’s main beach; it isn’t storming on any night. The sunsets at San Juan del Sur are spectacular, and this is a must-do!

You can go to the beach every evening to watch the sunset. Each sunset was different but equally gorgeous. Grab a USD 1 drink from a local shop and relax on a towel. Even street food sellers set up right on the shore; the chicken quesadillas are particularly delicious.
sun set view at managua


Surfing is an essential one of any list of the most incredible things to do in San Juan del Sur. It is the most popular activity in this town, frequently mistaken for San Juan del Surf!

The neighbouring beaches are ideal for surfers of all skill levels, so surfing is so prevalent in San Juan del Sur. You can go somewhere sandy with lesser swells if you’re a beginner, or you can go somewhere more advanced if you’re an experienced surfer.

You can hire adecent surfboard for a few bucks and take a shuttle from San Juan del Sur to one of the neighbouring surf beaches (such as Playa Hermosa), or you may sign up for regular surf lessons.

There are also a lot of amazing surf camps and surf schools in San Juan del Sur.  You can improve from hardly being able to stand up on a board to catching some significant waves without the assistance of your coach in just four days!

Cristo della Misericordia hike

While strolling along the bay in San Juan del Sur, it’s difficult to miss a giant statue that rests atop the northernmost barrier and looks out over the town with a serenity that contrasts sharply with the party atmosphere “down below.”

The Christ of Mercy is one of the world’s ten highest Jesus statues, standing at 134 meters (77 feet) tall. But, unfortunately, its grandeur is only realized when you’re standing right below it.

Hiking up to the monument is undoubtedly one of San Juan del Sur’s must-do activities since nothing compares to the breathtaking panoramic views from the peak.

You may walk down the beach to its northern end and go up the steep steps there, or you can go through the neighbourhood and up the road that almost to the monument (just “follow the signs”). Although the route is steep, much of the way uphill can be driven.

The entry fee is less than $2, and the view of the bay from the peak, lit in golden light right before sunset, is well worth the cost of a Nicaraguan beer.
Playa Hermosa is a brilliant place to relax

This house is for rental. See it here.
Playa Hermosa is a brilliant place to relax

Playa Hermosa is one of Nicaragua’s loveliest beaches, yet it’s only 20 minutes from San Juan del Sur! You can quickly get there from San Juan del Sur by using one of the several $7 shuttles.

The reality television show Survivor was filmed on the beach in Playa Hermosa. If you’re a Survivor fan, this is a must-see! But, even if you aren’t a fan, Playa Hermosa is a lovely white-sand beach with thick jungle surrounding it.

It is usually not crowded, and you may choose your own spot on the sand to rest. Rent a board and go surfing, or grab a bite to eat at one of the few little restaurants. The reality is that no matter how you enjoy Playa Hermosa, once you’ve been there, you’ll see why we think it’s one of the best things to do in San Juan del Sur!

Ometepe Island day tour

Ometepe is, without a doubt, one of our favourite destinations in Nicaragua to visit! Two volcanoes protruding from Lake Nicaragua make up this enormous island. But, to believe it, you simply have to see it for yourself.

You can spend over a week on the island visiting all of Ometepe’s great attractions. However, if you have the time, We would recommend staying at Ometepe for a couple of nights because there are many fantastic places to stay.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a few days on Ometepe Island, planning a day trip is the next best thing! On an organized tour, your transportation to and from Ometepe is taken care of for you, letting you enjoy the most out of your time there.

Once you’ve arrived at Ometepe, make sure to take in the scenery of the volcanoes and visit the natural springs at Ojo de Agua.

San Juan del Sur Cerveceria offers Craft Beer.

Craft beers created right here in town are a must-try!  We enjoy beer and are always willing to test local craft beers when we travel. Sure, the most popular beers in Nicaragua are Victoria and Tone, but if you’re looking for something a little more refined or unique, the San Juan del Sur Cerveceria is the place to go!

The Cerveceria, which is only a few blocks from San Juan del Sur’s main beach, is ideal for a couple of cold ones. They brew their own craft beer on-site and have a variety on tap to choose from.

This is a must-see in San Juan del Sur after a day of exploring or surfing!

Playa Maderas is a great place to visit.

Playa Maderas, one of Nicaragua’s loveliest beaches, is a must-see for anybody visiting San Juan del Sur. Playa Maderas, located 20 minutes north of town, is still relatively rustic and can only be reached via a bumpy dirt road; however, many people say the drive adds to the thrill.

The beach is well-known for being a year-round surf area that caters to surfers of all levels, making it an excellent place to learn! If surfing isn’t your thing, don’t miss out on the picture-perfect views of the shark fin-shaped rock formations that form this beach so famous. You might take a sunset catamaran cruiseor a horseback riding tour of the local beaches to get a closer look.

Playa Maderas has few facilities, with only two restaurants, but the seafood is excellent, and there are plenty of sun loungers to rent.

The most convenient way to get to Plays Maderas is to take the daily shuttle from Casa Oro or arrange transportation with your hotel.

However, if you genuinely want to experience Playa Maderas, you should plan on staying there for a night or two. DreamSea Surf Resort, known as a yoga and surf retreat that offers packages for all abilities and includes morning yoga on their treehouse, is the finest spot to stay close to the beach.

Residencial Malibu wants to make sure you’re aware of your tourism alternatives in San Juan del Sur

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Take a Day at the Pool to Relax

Our best recommendation for anyone visiting San Juan del Sur is to stay in a hotel or hostel with a pool. And now, if you don’t, you’ll only have yourself to blame when you’re sitting in the scorching heat.

The most fabulous beaches in San Juan del Sur are really a short drive away. Unfortunately, the main beach in town isn’t the nicest, so if you want to spend an easy, relaxed day sunning and cooling off with a swim, you’ll need a pool!

One of the hand-picked ways to spend a few hours in San Juan del Sur is to simply enjoy the pleasant weather and your vacation by the pool. So grab a book, a beverage (or both!), and some sunscreen to soak up the laid-back feel that San Juan is known for – you’ll be glad you did!

The remarkable thing about San Juan del Sur accommodations is that there are excellent options — with pools – for all budgets!

So now you know about the Transport from Managua to San Juan del Sur, and you know that there’s still more to do in San Juan del Sur than just surf and drink! It is a city in Nicaragua that every traveller is sure to enjoy, from nature to adventure to food and relaxation!

We at Residencial Malibu hope that this article has been helpful in planning your trip.