• Luxury ocean front villas
  • Seaview infinity pools
  • Up to 15 guests
  • Low Maintenance
  • 24/7 security
  • 5 star guest rating
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Living in San Juan del Sur / Life in San Juan del Sur

Luxurious biodiversity, massive investment in real estate, year-round surfing and affordable living costs are the most renowned in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. All these and more add to the fact that Nicaragua is a beautiful location to relocate to.Some individuals want to retire abroad. Some people seek a beach life. Some want to relocate outside the country and start a new life. San Juan del Sur undoubtedly offers something for everyone and is a very accessible location to relocate to.

Regardless of where you are from or how you wish to live, San Juan del Sur is a popular destination for foreign residents and ex-pats who want to live a more exciting life.Whether you wish to live quietly along the seaside where you can lay back and hear the waves lapping the beach softly or prefer the thrill of a historic metropolis, you should certainly check into San Juan del Sur in depth.

If you’re looking for a laid-back beach town with some breath-taking beaches and magnificent sunsets, then consider moving to San Juan del Sur. Restaurants with cheap beer and live music to satisfy all tastes will take you back to your childhood beach days. Plus, the city centre is just three blocks away.

The monthly rent is $1,500 for a couple. You can find a one-bedroom furnished apartment near the beach for $400/month. You may spend 250 dollars a month on food and dine out at one of the numerous restaurants in the city. Don’t forget to check out all the San Juan del Sur culinary offerings: barbeque, Asian wraps, tapas, Mediterranean food, Indian food, classic Italian restaurants, luxury restaurants, handmade donuts, and more.

In San Juan del Sur, you can live the life of your dreams. There’s no better location than this seaside town to lie in a hammock with a cool drink in hand, gazing at the ocean from your deck. Nevertheless, it’s simple to run a business if you desire something more solid. In addition, San Juan del Sur is still in need of an excellent auto repair shop, a home design business, an acupuncturist, a health food store that carries produce, essential oils, and alternative medical treatments, and a landscape designer. Do you see an opportunity?

San Juan del Sur is the perfect place to retire if you want to be surrounded by 22 beautiful beaches, half of which are virgin, meaning you will not see another person for the entire day. You’ll meet lots of new ex-pat buddies from all walks of life and all different countries, eat well and stay healthy, and truly enjoy your retirement without worries.

Life in San Juan del Sur as a Retiree

San Juan del Sur is a wonderful location for retirement plans for those of you who enjoy beach life. Here, all your cravings are now satisfied by foreign restaurants. It was 14 years ago that only Nicaraguan dry, salty cheese was available. Now you have the option of gouda, provolone, mozzarella, blue cheese, cheddar, and many more varieties. San Juan del Sur, which gets its name from its strong reputation for being a great place to catch live music, has an eclectic selection of music on offer, including rock and roll, merengue, salsa, and Latin tropical.

San Juan del Sur is a costly location to live in Nicaragua, although it’s very cheap compared to your home country. Also, with a large number of permanent resident ex-pats, you will almost certainly meet new people right away. And many people are drawn to ex-pat activities. There are dancing lessons for salsa, merengue, and Zumba, among other styles. Moreover, classes are available for yoga, painting, and musical instruments. The hits keep on coming. Even though it is a tiny three-square-block village, you will never get tired of living in San Juan del Sur.

If you’ve always wanted to start your own business and be your own boss, Nicaragua is the best place to start your business. If you start a company in the tourist industry, the Nicaraguan government will exempt you from paying taxes for up to ten years. Alternatively, if you wish to “give back,” many volunteer options are available, including working with abused women and orphans, building houses for the underprivileged, at-risk adolescents, teaching children or adults to speak English, and installing water filtration systems. And you may establish your own NGO when you notice someone or a group that needs attention.

When it comes to stress, living as an ex-pat in Nicaragua means having a very low level of it. There is no stress from traffic jams, rushing everywhere, keeping up with the Joneses, and there are no negative stories in the media about serial killers, mass murders, or terrorism in this area of the country. If you want, you may go from city to city in Nicaragua by bus, which is a safe mode of transportation. Nicaragua has the most under crime rate in all of Central America. Yes, there is petty theft, but you can keep control of it by adopting a certain lifestyle and forming relationships with others. Unless you choose to engage in risky activities, there is very little chance of suffering physical damage.

Retirees living in San Juan del Sur say that they have a better quality of life here than they did back in their native country. Many of them have beautiful ocean view houses that they could never have bought in the United States or Canada. Ex-pats are discovering that Nicaragua is an excellent retirement option. They are astonished by the country’s natural beauty, the friendliness of its people, and the vibrant and colourful nightlife in San Juan del Sur. If you want to know more about life in San Juan del Sur, continue reading.
low cost proprty in san juan del sur

Low Cost of Living in San Juan del Sur

Many individual ex-pats live on a budget of $800 to $1000 a month in this beach paradise. Couples can live well on $1500 each month. In California, a drink may cost you $23. But it usually ranges from $1 to $3.50 in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The cost of restaurants in the US is much higher than in Nicaragua. Everything you can imagine costs at least five times more in the US than it does in Nicaragua. For example, it may cost you ten times more to purchase a beach view home in California. You can buy a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with an ocean view across more than a half-acre in San Juan del Sur for $132,000. This would have cost much more than $1,000,000 in San Diego.

If you purchase a home, you will probably be required to pay the full amount, so this will no longer be a cost. But if you come to rent a budget, you can obtain a fully equipped single-room home for about $400 to $450 a month, about three blocks from the beach with Wi-Fi, water and electricity. You may get a pool, parking space and perhaps air conditioning if you pay some extra.

You can keep your food costs low, depending on what you consume. You will pay a premium for olives, cheese, peanut butter, walnuts, almonds, and other foreign foods. However, you can convert your US diet to a healthy one. It’s expected you would spend about $25 – $50 per week on fresh, non-GMO (not permitted in Nicaragua) fruits and vegetables, backyard eggs, cow butter, meat, fish and poultry at unbelievable rates. A whole red snapper, cleaned and scaled and newly caught that morning, is available for just $2.50.

With the usage, of course, the cost of water and energy vary. Ex-pats pay from $10 to $200 per month, depending on whether they have extensive gardens that need to be watered regularly during the dry season and can’t live without air conditioning. Most expatriates have floor fans, and the windows open to further minimise the cost.

Living in A Beach Town

You’ll find colourful structures of all various sizes surrounding the water in San Juan del Sur. The surf shops, bakeries, beach apparel stores, motels, and hostels, from basic to top-of-the-line accommodations, are all found inside their walls. Support local artists by buying handmade jewellery from people all around the world. Wearing sandals, get rid of your shoes and enjoy an ice-cold drink in front of beach restaurant El Timón as you relax on a blue-and-white striped beach chair. Enjoy a swim in the lovely bay and marvel at the magnificent sunset.

As long as the year-round hot temperature is around 85 F and there are moderate ocean breezes, there is no need for sleeves or long trousers. Instead of suits and business suits, you may dress casually and wear flip-flops or crocs here.A large number of ex-pats in San Juan have said that they would not want to live anyplace else, demonstrating that this beach town is a wonderful location to call home.

You may engage in as much work here as you like all day or choose to relax by the pool, eat with friends, and go to concerts and music events at night. The food is excellent, too. There are over 50 dining establishments in the town for you to select from. Pondering sauerkraut and sausages, lasagna, and Mediterranean meals, think raw-food pizzas, vegetable wraps, sushi, and fish tacos. These are typically less than $10. Enter one of the tourist stores and bargain for local handmade pottery and brilliantly coloured hammocks.

This seaside village turns into a cool night party when the sunsets. Music, lights, and laughter stream out of the numerous restaurants and pubs that serve all different types of people. Select a fashionable, sophisticated meal for dinner at Hush, overlooking Playa Maderas, or stick to a quiet supper at El Timon, a typical Nicaraguan seafood restaurant on the beach, and enjoy a multi-coloured sunset.

If you like nightlife, you will not be disappointed in the late hours; many pubs on the beach strip provide a variety of different kinds of entertainment until 2 a.m. There is everything that is reggae, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, salsa, merengue, DJs that play electronic music, and so much more when it comes to music.

Go ahead and have a look at these activities that are the most popular in San Juan del Sur.
 Nicaragua beach

From the Christ Statue, a view of the city

Living in San Juan del Sur would be incomplete without taking in the scenery from the summit. The city features a statue of Christ with his arms extended out toward the community, blessing it. It is a pleasant sight for many in San Juan del Sur to see this depiction of Jesus, located 142 metres above sea level.

Visit La Flor Beach Natural Reserve

Thousands of big turtles congregate annually to deposit their eggs on the beach. To locate a suitable location to deposit her eggs, the mother turtle departs the ocean. Once, the job made to dig a big enough hole so the eggs could be incubated. And when the work was done, 100 tiny white eggs were placed in the hole and covered with sand while the mother made her way back into the water. Thousands of hatchlings emerge from their burrow a few weeks after they hatch, racing to reach the ocean before various predators get them.

Take Spanish lessons at the Latin American Spanish School

The richer and more enjoyable your experience will be in Nicaragua, when more comfortable you will feel talking with the people. In this institution, individual and group classes may be offered for any level. Choose how many hours and days of instruction you want and design your own class so you can get the best out of this famous school’s courses, located across from the central park and church, open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Those Sunny days at the beach

Have you ever wanted to spend a relaxing day with your partner on one of the unspoiled beaches? You will be delighted to find out that the city of San Juan del Sur is situated on a bay that has 22 beautiful beaches, so you have enough places to discover and enjoy.

Discover the Art Warehouse

The Arts Warehouse is considered an Art Café and provides all kinds of art materials to make anything you want. The courses also include soap making, painting, tie-dying, basket weaving, pottery creations, children’s workshops and more. Make this space for inner creativeness and take a rest in their amazing healthy food café while drinking a glass of wine or kombucha, where you can enjoy fresh cuisine.

San Juan del Sur Library

There are no bookshops in San Juan del Sur. However, if you’re an enthusiastic reader, there are two locations to go for books. Books in English and Spanish, Language Books and Spanish Grammar are available at the local library. Just go and sign up for books. Another location is the book exchange in Discover Real Estate’s offices. This free exchange was established using all the books that visitors have left behind throughout the years.

Take Surfing lessons

San Juan del Sur is Nicaragua’s finest location to surf. Whether you’ve never surfed before, there are experts who want to enhance your techniques. San Juan del Sur is a famous surf spot in the world due to its constant offshore winds most of the year and offers surfing instruction for both children and grandparents. Your instructors are local surfers who can teach you everything you need to know about the sport.

Excited about a Horseback Riding Beach Tour?

Enjoy your ideal horseback riding adventure. Take excellent photos of yourself and your horse during your ride over a pristine beach and exploration of Nicaragua’s woods.

Nica Sail and Surf Catamaran

Nica Sail & Surf offers a catamaran tour that most consider being Nicaragua’s finest boat trip. Charters depart at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. from San Juan del Sur. Enjoy your food and beverages till you reach Playa Blanca destination and swim on the beautiful virgin beach in a tiny bay. Enjoy your food and drinks till you reach Playa Blanca destination and swim on the beautiful virgin beach in a remote bay.

Practice yoga at Zen Yoga

For approximately 14 years, this magnificent yoga company has existed in San Juan del Sur. Register for the yoga class you enjoy at the time you like it.

Nica-style fishing

You will enjoy the extreme fishing experience with just one bottle or one piece of wood with a fishing line and a hook wrapped around it: a fishing experience and a delicious dinner with the day’s catch.

Only Chill

Doing nothing and just “hanging out” is a thing in San Juan del Sur, and it seems to be more enjoyable here than anyplace else. Lie with a cool drink in your hammock and listen to all your bird sounds. Play your favourite songs, read a book, play an instrument, or Sing. Invite buddies with you to “relax.”